We are glad you are interested in selling your items on our platform! This is a short guide explaining everything that is being offered to our users.

General Overview

This is the store page you will find when navigating to the listings page (

These are the items that users sell. It is important to note that these items are NOT stored in our bots' inventories! 

All offers go directly to the users!

When you click on an item of interest, a menu will pop up:

What do the options do:

• Shop Page - Will take you to the user's dedicated shop page where you can see all the items that a specific user is selling.

Add friend on Steam - Self-explanatory, you can add that user directly on steam.

Sent Trade - This will open a trade offer window, where you can create and send a Steam trade offer directly to the user.

Remove Listing - All users have the ability to remove their own listings. Important: In the example shown, you see the admin's point of view. Admins can remove anyone's listings if needed.

The Shop Page & Listing Messages.

In the above example, you see a store page of a user. All users (including the Free plan) can have their own store page.

On store pages users can: 

• See all items listed by a specific user.

• See a store welcome message of a specific user.  Store page owners can change welcome messages of their own store page.

• Users can copy a shareable link to that store page, to refer other users to check out what they sell.

• Options of adding the person on steam and sending them a trade is also present. 

Listing Messages

Listing messages are short descriptions that users can write for the items that they sell. To see a listing message, simply click on that item. Listing messages are visible on the main Listings page as well.

How To Start Selling?

Now let's quickly go over the steps of how to actually start selling on our website.

First, chose a plan that fits your needs: 

When you click on the "Choose A Plan" button on the Listings page, or the "Pick a plan" button on the main page, you will be prompted with a menu like the one below.

There are 3 available plans: 

• The free plan that lets users list up to 5 items is completely free with no strings attached. It can be activated instantly.

• The standard plan offers a 150 item limit that a user can list, Items of users who have this plan, have their items promoted on the main page + all the Free plan benefits. 

• The Ultra plan allows you to list up to 500 items + all the benefits of the last two plans.

The Standard and Ultra plans can be activated either by manually sending 1 key to the TF2 Store Supply account (This option can take a while to process, as offers are manually accepted.) Or buy the plans for a month at a time with the user balance - this option activates the plan immediately. To get balance, you can simply exchange some of your items on the main page.


How To Get Balance?

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get balance on our website.

1) Turn off autopure

2) Select an item you want to exchange for balance

3) Make a trade.

IMPORTANT: Balance can no longer be used to purchase items from the website! It can ONLY be used for buying subscription time. 

How To Create A Listing?

After you choose a plan, navigate to the Listings page and click "Create a listing"

This will take you to the listing creation page. You may then click on an item you want to sell. By doing that, you will be prompted with a "form" where you can set the price, listing message, and what type of offers you accept.

Be sure to tick which types of offers you want to receive. 

IMPORTANT: Subscription time and Balance is NOT refundable!

We hope this guide was useful. If any questions remain, please don't hesitate to create a support ticket or join our discord to have any of your questions answered!