Currently, we offer 3 different plans for our users to choose from.

The Free Plan

The free plan is great for those who just want to try out the service. Users with the free plan are limited to listing up to 5 items at once and their items will not be featured on the main page. Free users will also not be eligible for any future special offers or benefits that might come with being a paid user.

The Standard Plan

The standard plan is something we can recommend to most people, as it only costs 1 key per month, offers the 150 item limit vs the two-item limit that the free users have. Standard users also enjoy the added benefit of having their items appear on the top "Featured Items" section on the main page - giving customers additional exposure and increasing the chances of their items selling.

The Ultra Plan

The ultra plan offers everything that the standard plan does with the difference being that they can list up to 500 items at once, vs the 150 and two for the standard and free plans respectively.

In the future, we plan on adding more plans and more benefits to the existing paid plans to offer even more value to our customers.