Listings is our subscription-based seller program. Users can choose between three different plans: Limited free plan, Standard, and Ultra Plans. For more details on each plan, please check the "What plan is right for me?" article.

As time goes we will continue adding more features to the paid plans to improve the experience for our users.


Is there any risk of losing my items?

No! We do not store your items in our system, meaning you can list them without depositing them. All offers go directly to you. Our subscription model is "pay as you go", with keys. We do not accept credit cards, therefore all of your personal information is also safe.

I am not happy with the service, can I get my key(s)/balance back?

Sadly, we do not offer refunds at this time, all purchases are final. If you are not sure that you will like the service, we suggest you try our limited Free Plan - you can upgrade any time.

How can I pay for the subscription? 

We currently offer two ways of paying for your subscription. 1) You can send keys to our Subscription Supply Account - this, however, can take some time to process. 2) You can pay with your balance for instant activation of your plan.

I have an idea that I think can improve the Seller Program, how can I share it?

If you have any suggestions for features or tweaks that you think should be implemented, feel free to share them here: