To start, add the bot to your friendslist!

After adding the bot type "!help" to see the list of commands. 

What keys are accepted?

We accept

Tf2 keys, All CS:GO keys, except community sticker and capsule ones.

Please note: If you purchase CS:GO keys in-game they will no longer be tradable. To get tradable CS:GO keys use the steam community market

If by mistake you have purchased keys in-game, you can request a refund from steam for the next 48h after purchase.

Do NOT contact BBN support for that.

How do I know how many keys/sets/gems will it take to reach a specific level?

To find out type "!level X", for example: "!level 100" in the bots chat window.

Will the bot send me the sets I already have?

No! Once you add the bot it will be able to tell which sets you to have and which sets you don't. After it checks that it will send you an offer with sets you don't yet have!

How can I check the rates of the bot?

Simply type !prices in the chat window and the bot will display its current rates.

Reasons to have a high steam level

1) Every 10 level's gained you will get 1 extra showcase to help customize your profile. For example Favourite Group Showcase, Item Showcase, Achievement Showcase, etc.

2) You will get a Larger Friends List.

3) An increased chance of getting booster packs.

4)You are deemed more trustworthy in trades. However, you must know that a high level doesn't promise that someone won't try to scam you. 

5) If you have a high level, more people will visit your profile.

Why have I been removed?

The bot is programmed to automatically remove all in-active people from its friend list after 7 days.