Every TF2 Store user gets his/her own Store Point Wallet on our website.


What is it and what does it do?

  • Store Points are our currency system which can be used to pay for the services provided by the website.
  • The amount of Store Points you have is calculated in refined metal.
  • To top up the wallet, you can simply overpay to the website and the amount you overpay will be added to the wallet in ref.
  • As it currently is, you can use your wallet to pay for the Seller Program Standard and Ultra plans.

    What Exactly Changed From The Prior System?

    • Up to 5/6/2021 ( May 6th, 2021) you could use your (then balance) to not only pay for the Seller Program Subscription but also withdraw any items you wished from the website. This later ability has now been removed due to potential abuse concerns, you can now only use your balance as a virtual currency to pay for our Seller Program Service and any future services that we might provide.

    What if I already had balance (not Store Points) prior to May 6th, 2021 change and want to cash it out?!

     No need to worry! Simply create a support ticket, tell us how much balance you had prior to that change, send us your SteamId64, and provide your trade link! We will then review your ticket, verify that you indeed have had that amount of balance, and then we will send what you are owed to you via the provided trade offer link!

  • BE WARNED: We can check exactly how much balance you had and have now! Any attempt to scam us will result in a perma-ban from the website!